Botanical Waters Workshop at La Gacilly

Come and explore our botanical water workshop and discover how our hydrosols are made. A 100% Yves Rocher, 100% local production!

Committed for over 60 years, the Yves Rocher Brand defends a beauty that is ever more respectful of Man and the planet and ever closer, too, to each and every one of us. Driven by these values, the favorite beauty brand of the French*, a responsible player in its environment, has chosen to set up its very first distillation workshop to manufacture its botanical waters (or hydrosols) locally, as close as possible to its production units.

These waters come from local plants cultivated by organic farming and agroecology in La Gacilly, the Breton cradle of the Brand. The Botanical Waters Workshop is in perfect harmony with La Gacilly’s unique and virtuous chain of expertise, from seed to beauty product.

The botanical waters produced at Yves Rocher’s Botanical Waters Workshop are used in the composition of some of our products, which are also made close by, at the Villes Geffs plant in La Gacilly and Rieux. A local circuit means fewer CO2 emissions linked to the transport of goods for a more limited environmental/carbon/ecological footprint and local Made in La Gacilly roots.

* Source: kantar beauty panel 2019. 

Botanical distillation by Yves Rocher

So, the Botanical Waters Workshop is born, the first botanical water production unit 100% Yves Rocher, 100% local !

In the wake of our virtuous (industrial) model, the Botanical Waters Workshop is a continuation of our agronomic system based on agroecology and the preservation of biodiversity.

From our fields of flowers to our Yves Rocher Organic Botanical Waters

Developing our local plant sources as closely as possible, the Botanical Waters Workshop has been producing plant waters of Cornflower, Roman Chamomile, Matricaria Chamomile and Peppermint since spring 2020.

These essences are used in the composition of many products, or are marketed as such e.g., cornflower plant water, known for its soothing properties. 

Botanical waters are the active ingredients in many Yves Rocher products: the Pure Camomille range for the Chamomile Matricaria botanical water, the Pur Bleuet range for the Cornflower one.

The purifying masks for the Pure Menthe one. Roman Chamomile water is used in many other ranges.

In volume and value. Total hygiene and beauty market share, except oral care, soaps, shaving and feminine hygiene products. Did you know?

How are our Botanical Waters produced?

To obtain 1 ton of hydrolat, 2 hours of distillation are necessary, followed by 40 minutes of filtration and pasteurization.

Do you know the difference between Hydrolat, floral water, plant water or botanical water?

Hydrolat is a general term for any aqueous substance that results from the distillation of flowers or other parts of plants. Floral water only comes from the distillation of flowers (buds).

At the Botanical Waters Workshop, we distill Peppermint leaves as well as the flower tops of Cornflower, Romain Chamomile and Matricaria Chamomile, because their properties are present in the entire plant.

So, we don’t actually produce floral water but « botanical waters » or « plant waters », the term « hydrolat” can also be applied.