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September 2022

Awaken the senses

Inspiring fragrances, pigmented colors, sensorial textures... our new products have some great discoveries in store for you this fall.

The new Elixir Botanique product line

Land & sea, the glow of strong, healthy-looking skin!

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Delicious lips

Discover our Rouge Elixir range with its vibrant colors and natural formulas.

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The perfect post-summer make-up look

A look to get back to work in style !

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Purify, soothe, awaken, regenerate

Botanical masks, the beauty result you need!

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The Pleines Natures fragrance collection

A collection of Eau de Parfums inspired by nature.

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Discover Bain de Nature

A new range of bath and body products with fragrances inspired by Nature.

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It's time for a refresh

Use our exfoliate and hydrate combination !

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À la découverte de Bain de Nature

Une nouvelle gamme de produits bain et corps inspirés de la Nature.

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La collection de parfums Pleines Natures

Une collection d’eaux de parfum inspirée par la nature.

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Purifier, apaiser, réveiller, régénérer

Les masques botaniques, le résultat beauté qu’il vous faut !

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Mon look make up de la rentrée

Un look pour une reprise en toute beauté !

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