Discover Nasturtium, one of the UEBT certified ingredients we grow at La Gacilly



Latin Name :

Tropaeolum majus

Common names :


Family :


Origins :

Central America


The genius of plants - ogygenation

Nasturtium has been grown across Europe for a number of years thanks to its ornamental and culinary qualities. Deep within the skin, Nasturtium boosts oxygenation of the skin cells to revitalize them. 


Better oxygenated, fortified and strengthened, the skin is healthy and glowing.


The origin of our plant

Brittany is the perfect environment for Nasturtium to thrive. We've been growing it since 1980 in our homeland La Gacilly, using a traditional crop system designed to achieve the highest quality whilst respecting biodiversity.

The Nasturtium is grown using sustainable agricultural practices, a farming method based on a deep understanding of ecosystems that supports biodiversity. This plant has the ability to cover the soil, thus limiting water evaporation, a precious gift in the summer. Our early crop system, with sowing starting in April, allows us to preserve even more water.

Our organic and sustainable farming model has allowed us to obtain UEBT certification for our Nasturtium, as well as the rest of the ingredients we grow at La Gacilly.


Our extract


Nasturtium is found across our entire Elixir Botanique range, combined with Tetraselmis Microalgae which stimulates antioxidant defenses and helps fight against damage caused by pollution.