Flowers in the City, the colorful, urban collection

Our colorful products will brighten up your beauty routine. Hurry to discover this exclusive limited edition.


Our fruity floral swirls


Our fruity floral swirls Flowers in the City is above all a scent, a multicolored floral explosion, like street art in an urban setting suddenly re-enchanted. The fine balance between the radiant rose of character and the sparkling freshness of bergamot offers you a floral, sparkling, sensory journey.

You find it in the Eau de Toilette, spiced up by the energy of Marigold and cedar wood. Combined with the rose and the bergamot, this eau de toilette will carry you away.

Looking for a touch of freshness during the day? The Flowers in the City Mist is for you! The body and hair are delicately perfumed by the intoxicating perfume of this collection.

To extend your journey, we suggest you succumb to the Flowers in the City Shower Gel. The freshness of a swirl of vibrant floral notes and the radiance of bergamot.


Complexion trio palette, everything for my complexion

A real 3-in-1, this new product includes a Bronzing Powder, a Blush and a Highlighter, a perfect must-have for a fresh complexion! Unsure about using colors? An illustrated tutorial is inside the palette, handy!



Warm your complexion with the light tanning Bronzing Powder on the temples and hollow of the cheeks.



Apply a little touch of nasturtium Pink Blush to bring color to your cheeks



Finish with the Petal Highlighter on the top of your cheeks and on any areas you want to bring a touch of light to



Decorate yourself with intense new colors

Flowers in the City are also makeup products with irresistible colors.

For the eyes, two new shades of the 14-hour Lifeproof* Shadow : Magnolia, an iridescent pink, and Iris, a coppery purple. Still as easy to apply with the creamy texture of the pencil.

The Waterproof Eye Pencil comes in three new colors: Dahlia for an intense pink, Hydrangea for a mint green and Hyacinth for a deep blue.

Our star mascara, Intense Metamorphose is adorned with the colors of the collection with a new design in limited edition. All the ingredients of its success are there: a soft, easy-to-use fiber brush for stunning volume and naturally intense color.

Innovation for the Go Green nail polishes with two new limited edition colors: Œillet, a bright pink and Myosotis, a mint green.

*highly resistant


Express your creativity in bold and colorful looks!


Iris Lifeproof Eyeshadow

Express your creativity in bold and colorful looks! With the iris Lifeproof Eyeshadow stick, color the entire eyelid directly.



Dahlia Waterproof Eye Pencil

Using the Dahlia Waterproof Eye Pencil, highlight the upper eyelash line from the inner to the outer corner of the eye. Then move up into the hollow of the eyelid.


Hortensia Waterproof Eye Pencil

Use the Hortensia Waterproof Eye Pencil to highlight the inner corner of the eye.



Magnolia Lifeproof Eyeshadows

With Magnolia Lifeproof Eyeshadows, go over the line made with the Dahlia Waterproof Eye Pencil to add a touch of iridescence.


Intense Metamorphosis Mascara

Place the Intense Metamorphosis Mascara brush at the base of the eyelashes and stroke upwards in a zig-zag motion. Apply a second coat for more intensity and volume.



Go Green nail polish

First use Go Green Base Coat. Then apply the Myosotis Go Green nail polish from the base of the nail outward. Allow to dry, then apply a touch of Œillet Go Green nail polish in a rounded shape to the base of the nail. Finish off with the Go Green Gel Effect Top Coat.